Saturday, February 24th

Day 2


Junior Beef & Junior Goat Show @ 12:30pm in the Livestock Show Arena

Swine Show @ 4:00pm in the Livestock Show Arena

Barns Close @ 9:00pm

Horse Barn: Horses

Steer Barn: Beef Breeding

Swine/Goat Barn: Swine

Small Animal Barn: Small Animals

Home Arts & Exhibit Buildings

Home Arts, School, Business & Community Buildings Close @ 9:00pm

HomeTown News Stage

1:00pm - Judge Talford Band

2:00pm - The Dweebs

3:00pm - Thundergrass Band

4:00pm - Chris Mabrey Hypnotist

5:00pm - The Dweebs

6:00pm - Judge Talford Band

7:00pm - Chris Mabrey Hypnotist

8:00pm - Thundergrass Band

8:30pm - The Dweebs

9:15pm - Judge Talford Band

10:00pm - Chris Mabrey Hypnotist

Adams Arena Area

2:00pm - Lady Houdini

3:30pm - Wild Roses Dance Team

4:00pm - Lady Houdini

6:30pm - Kickin It Country

7:00pm - Reggie's Girls

7:30pm - Cactus Moon Dance Team

9:00pm - Lady Houdini

G Alan Fine Jewelry & Coin Stage

Inside The Home Arts Building

1:00pm - Lloyd Mabrey

2:00pm - Groovin Groundhogs

4:00pm - Thundergrass Band

5:00pm - Lloyd Mabrey

6:00pm - Groovin Groundhogs

8:00pm - Lloyd Mabrey

G Alan Fine Jewelry & Coin "Ag"tivity Center

2:30pm - ShenaniGuns Wild West Show

3:00pm - Nick's Kids Show

3:30pm - Racing Pigs

4:30pm - Sunrise City Boxing

5:00pm - ShenaniGuns Wild West Show

5:30pm - Nick's Kids Show

6:00pm - Racing Pigs

6:30pm - Dixie Wranglers

7:30pm - ShenaniGuns Wild West Show

8:00pm - Nick's Kids Show

8:30pm - Racing Pigs

On The Grounds

2:00pm - Rocket the Robot

5:00pm - Rocket the Robot

8:00pm - Rocket the Robot

Southern Eagle Hospitality Pavilion

3:00pm - Ben Lewis

5:00pm - Ben Lewis

7:00pm - Ben Lewis